Peptides Ipamorelin Anti-aging 10mg

Peptides Ipamorelin Anti-âge 10mg

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Peptide IPAMORELIN is a product for a cycle of dry weight gain and dry (muscle definition) and especially a surprising anti-aging effect.

With this one you will get:

A total decrease in body fat
An increase in lean muscle
An increase in the size of existing muscle fibers
An incredible well-being: better sleep, better cholesterol profile, increased energy level ...
Faster recovery between workouts
A reduction in healing time after trauma or surgery
Anti-aging peptide (anti-aging), decreased wrinkles

Combined with a GHRH like MOD-GRF (1-29), CJC-1295 DAC, SERMORELIN, the effects of well-being and muscle development of the body will be multiplied, in the context of a dry weight gain.

Molecule: Ipamorelin
Purity: 99.15%
Form: Subcutaneous injection
Concentration: 10 mg
Presentation: 1 Vials of 10 mg
Recommended dosage: 300 mcg 2 times daily (before breakfast and before bedtime)
Dilution: 10 ml of sterilized water
Injection dose: 300 mcg = 0.33ml (33 units on the insulin syringe) Ipamorelin is the specific growth hormone release GHRP. It is powerful, effective and without side effects. Natural GH will be stimulated in a stable and growing way.

To reconstitute the product before injection, you must inject sterilized or bacteriostatic water into the vial, wait a few minutes and inject the reconstituted product subcutaneously with an insulin syringe.

Cure IPAMORELIN minimum 1 month, do not exceed the intake more than 6 months.
Make 2 injections per day of IPAMORELIN in the morning and evening (take 600mcg per day).

Stack of several peptides at the same time, mix possible in the same syringe to reduce daily injections.

Subcutaneous injection, which means on the bulges or around the abdomen with an insulin syringe.

For best results, wait 2 hours after the injection to consume calories.

Dosage by sport level:

Dosage recommended by the brand is a dosage for users who have never done cures.

Dosage recommended by the brand = normal dosage (600mcg / day).

The Initiated Dosage is an assay for users who have already performed courses of steroids, or peptides and or growth hormone.
Insider dosage (900mcg / day).

Chart  performances
Strength + Energie  Image Potency  10 Mg
Gain muscle Image Appearence White powder
Fat / Watwer Loss Image Dosage  .600 a 900 mcg per day
Side Effects Image Packaging  1 vial of 10 mg  

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