Testosterone Undecanoate Andriol Caps 40 Mg / Caps 60 Caps

Testosterone Undecanoate  Andriol testocap  40 Mg / Caps 60 Capsule

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Andriol is an oral anabolic steroid in capsule for hormonal doping to gain muscle fast. Made by Organon Laboratories, Andriol is used in bodybuilding in steroid cycles.

Made by Organon
40mg / capsule
60 capsules of 40mg


Andriol is a revolutionary oral anabolic steroid in capsules used in mass-training cures by bodybuilding practitioners.
It is a quality product composed of 40mg / capsule of Testosterone Undecanoate. Why is he revolutionary? Because it is the only testosterone-based oral preparation that is really effective. The majority of steroids have been around since the 50s or 60s, but Andriol is a new steroid since it only exists since the 1980s.

Doping with Andriol helps you gain weight and gain muscle fast. It is a quality anabolic to buy for mass-gain cycles especially as it is a steroid easy to use. Muscle performance and recovery are improved. It is no coincidence that athletes and cyclists use it. In addition to EPO and growth hormone, Andriol was among the products used by Lance Armstrong, winner of the Tour de France 7 times.

The substance that contains Andriol has an anabolic effect without adverse effects such as gynecomastia. Indeed, the testosterone contained in Andriol is converted to very little estrogen. Andriol also does not modify the hormonal production of testosterone at medium dosage.

Only so that Andriol is an effective supplement to gain strength and build muscle should be used in high dosages ... Andriol acts very quickly, it must use a minimum of 6-7 capsules per day, 240 to 280 mg , to have the same efficiency as injectable solutions ... And at these dosages, hormonal production is disrupted, water retention appears and the preparation is converted into estrogen ...

Andriol can be used before competitions to avoid injections, it is a product quickly eliminated by the body.

Associated with Oxandrolone, Andriol is effective to obtain a gain of strength and a good development of the muscular mass. This product can be used with almost any oral or injectable steroid. It is well supported by the body and can be used in long-term treatments with Deca Durabolin.

Bodybuilders usually use Andriol dosages greater than 240mg per day. A good average is 240-280mg per day.

The use of Andriol at excessive dosages can be diverted and used for drug purposes. Excesses and abusive uses are dangerous.

Proper use, see framed by the recommendations of professionals allows on the contrary to increase muscle mass, strength and performance, see endurance.