pack Voluminous Mass Gain Masterone 400 Susta 250 black dragon 4 Weeks

Cure Compléte Prise De Masse Volumineuse Masterone 400 Susta 250 black dragon 4 Semaines

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This pack will bring you:

A voluminous muscle mass but quality.
Very hard muscles.
An increase in your strength.
You will get a quality muscle mass if you pay attention to your diet, high protein, no fat.
Complete beginner special pack with protections for 4 weeks of complete cure.

Week 1 to 3 and 6 to 8: Take 1ml of Sustanon 250 and 1ml of Masterone 400. Take example: 1ml of each on Monday.

Week 4 to 5: Take 2ml of Sustanon 250 and 2ml of Masteronne 400. Take example: 1ml of each on Mondays and 1ml of each on Wednesdays.
A conscientious sportsman is a person who protects his health even if he wants to increase these sports performances.

Chart performances
Strength Image Teneur Full pack
Gain muscle Image Apparence Injection
Fat / Water Loss Image Dosage Follow all instructions
Side Effects Image Packaging  Full pack with relance and protection
Keep Gain Image  

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