Pack Weight Loss Winstrol + Primobolan 8 Weeks

Cure compléte perte de poids Winstrol + Primobolan 8 Semaines

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This complete pack with protections is ideal for weight loss or dryness. The dry is a very important moment in the transformation of your body, it is the final and decisive moment. Winstrol and Primobolan will help you lower your fat percentage and get a perfect muscle definition.

This pack will bring you:

Weight loss without kicking your muscle volume.
A transformation of your fats into muscles.
Hard and drawn muscles.
An increase in endurance performance thanks to Winstrol.
An aspect of your skin very dry (appearance of veins ...)
Complete pack for 8 weeks of complete cure.

Injection frequency and steroid intake

Week 1 to 3 and 6 to 8: Take 1ml of Stanozolol and 1ml of Primobolan. Example of taking: 1ml on Monday of Stanozolol and 1ml of Primobolan on Wednesday.
Week 4 to 5: Take 2ml of Stanozolol and 2ml of Primabolan. Example of taking: 2ml on Monday of Stanozolol and 2ml of Primobolan on Wednesday.
Taking protections

Products like T3 Cytomel, Clenbuterol and Reductil that are not steroids, and Winstrol and Primobolan that are steroids that do not aromatize, so you do not need anti-estrogens like Nolvadex, proviron and relaunch Clomid.


Avoid drinking alcohol during your treatment, drink plenty of water (minimum 3 liters per day) for your kidneys to work perfectly.
The remaining steroids and protections will serve you for your next cure (storage product over 2 years, protected from dust, light and moisture).

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