Peptides Biopeptides Aicar Lifetech Lab

Peptides  Biopeptides Aicar Lifetech Lab

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Peptide Aircar Lifetech Lab is ideal for endurance, it provides an increase in your cardiac performance ideal for athletes and an excellent extremely powerful fat burner !! 
Laboratory: Lifetech Labs
Form: Subcutaneous injection
Molecule: AIRCAR
Concentration: 50 mg / vial
Presentation: 10 Vials of 50mg
Recommended dosage: 25 mg / day
Thinning: Use 2 ml of sterilized water
Per vial dose: 2/25 mg 1 vial / 2 days
Injection dose: 25 mg = 1ml 100 units on the insulin syringe !!

Performance chart
Strength Image Potency Aircar 50 mg/vial.
Muscle gain Image Appearance 10 Vials / 50mg
Fat/water loss Image Dosage 25 mg 1 time per day 
Side effects stars Packing  
Keep gains Image