Samarin 100 Tabs 140 Mg

Samarin  100 Tabs 140 Mg

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Samarin 140 mg is the most effective protective hepato against a rebound of transaminases during a course of oral steroids.

Vital organ of the human organism, the liver fulfills several essential functions and plays a predominant role among others on the metabolism, by assimilating and treating the carbohydrates, the proteins and the lipids, on the digestion.

Samarin, a vegetable agent extracted from milk thistle (Silybum marianum) used in the composition of Samarin, protects the liver against any harmful influences and promotes the reconstitution of healthy cells on a liver.

Start treatment with a reasonable daily dose of silymarin, 1 capsule of Samarin 140 per day divided into 2 shots

Taking Samarin has no side effects, in isolated cases a slight laxative action was observed.

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 1 Tablet per day

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